Photo Op | Brittany & Cooper

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Others-Minded | Pangea Water Bottles

My husband, John, found this today: Pangea Water Bottles. Their mission? To get clean water to all those drinking dirty water around the world.  All you need to do is purchase a water bottle ($20), and they give someone clean water for 4 years!

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Deal of the Day | 40% off Custom Picaboo Photo Album

At Picaboo, you are able to customize your own photo albums and have them printed and shipped directly to your door! I have used them many of times and they are ALWAYS amazing. They have themes, templates, and even different album covers for all different price ranges. And right now, you can get 40% off your order of any classic book with 40 or more pages (use code SEPT40)… but you must order by tomorrow night! So, get your creativity flowing and those pictures finally in an album. You will not regret it!

Just click here… PICABOO

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Photo Op | Leo, Addy, and Millie

These are all of my babies… top left is Leo, bottom left is Millie, and on the right is Addy. A pretty quick and easy shoot today!

Take Flight.

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Bell & Howell Director’s Series 8mm Camera

This was my amazing find of the day…. a vintage Bell & Howell Director’s Series 8mm Camera from 1962. This little guy, let’s call him Alfred (after the infamous director of the famous 1960’s film Psycho), cost me a whole $4 at the local Goodwill. You never know what you are going to find… now all I have to do is figure out how he works…

Take Flight.

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Photo Op | Millie the Dachshund

Millie is actually my first born child. She does not necessarily love photoshoots, but works pretty well with me anyway… here are some from today.

Take Flight.

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