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I sit here, in my living room, surrounded by my husband and canines, watching jealously as Anthony Bourdain relishes in his 100th episode of No Reservations – Paris episode. I want to travel. No, I take that back – I want to be paid to travel.

How hard is it to be discovered by the Travel Channel, anyway?!

It’s been happening everyday lately. Plopping my unemployed butt on my vintage red couch that husband found for me at Goodwill. Hating every minute I watch Samantha Brown or Andrew Zimmern fill their passports faster than I could ever dream of. I have never experienced such wanderlust in my life.

I am only 23. Been married a month and a half. Mother of three lovely mutts. I have never been a writer, unless you want to count the yearbook classes I took in high school, but this is my attempt to be heard; to inspire and teach through whatever string of letters you choose to soak up. I feel like I have so much to offer in these posts – whether it’s the best travel deal I’ve found, my latest DIY project, the tastiest new recipe, or whatever floats in between the stylish stud earrings I am wearing that day.

Take flight.


About toriivey

Just a girl, in a small town, trying to use some God-given talent to get out.
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3 Responses to Travel | Go!

  1. The closest I’ve come was a free trip to Hawaii to testify in a case resulting from an event on my previous self-funded trip to Hawaii. I can’t really give any recommendations on how to do it, other than look for the odd man in the gate area, be nice to him when he comes to sit next to you on the plane, and then hope he does something nutty enough to be arrested and tried in a Federal case.

  2. Gosh, I probably linked over from a DIY/Crafty site, or from a Tag Surfer. Not sure!

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